Designing and construction

of industrial furnaces

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Wawel Dragon with PiecoSerwis burner

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Industrial instalations service

Experience and Professionalism

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Industrial burners We offer conventional, quick-discharge, recuperative burners, regenerative burners in interaction with ICS. Designing, construction, operation and maintenance of burner systems.
Radial fansRadial fans with appropriately rounded propeller blades depending on direction of rotation, radial fans with radial blades, with wrapped blades.
Technical expertise Wide technical advisory services. Technical concepts of new projects regarding construction of new devices or their modernization, technical evaluation of units in use.
Projects on request Many of our projects has been created on the special request of Customers. The most interesting projects include: Wawel Dragon – burner, one of the first applications of regenerative burners in the heating furnace in Poland, installation of tar recycling.

We perform technical inspections of burner installation, start-ups of heating systems and provide technical advice. We have diagnostic and measurement test equipment, a calibrated exhaust analyser (CO, 02, NOx), a VOC analyser.

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