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  • Hot-deep zinc coating furnace

    Hot-deep zinc coating furnace

    Structure design and heating system design of the hot-dip zinc coating furnace are covered...

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  • Hardening / tempering plant

    Hardening / tempering plant

    Quality requirements, that structural materials have to meet, are causing needs for...

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  • Chamber furnace

    Chamber furnace

    Bogie hearth chamber furnace Technical parameters of an industrial chamber furnace : - feed weight: up to 110 Mg (negotiable)…

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  • Tunnel furnace

    Tunnel furnace

    Tunnel furnace for firing of refractories  Range of firing temperatures: - basic refractories: 1750 °C - corundum refractories: 1700 °C…

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  • Heating furnaces

    Heating furnaces

    This section includes furnaces for heating feedstock to the technology required temperature with construction differing from...

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  • Fired heater

    Fired heater

    A tube heating furnace in technological installation lines. Fired heaters are widespread devices, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries.…

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  • Crucible/melting furnace

    Crucible/melting furnace

    The main users of these furnaces are the glass industry and metallurgy of nonferrous metals. We offer solutions based on…

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  • Ladle preheaters

    Ladle preheaters

    Ladle drying and soaking station Technical data: - burners types: high velocity, regenerative - height of ladles: can be agreed…

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  • Ovens


    Low-temperature devices for removing moisture from feedstock. Typical drying process takes place between 100-350°C...

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  • Thermal afterburner

    Thermal afterburner

    A thermal afterburner is a device that uses a method of thermal disposal of polluted gases before releasing them into…

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  • Heater for rotary drying oven

    Heater for rotary drying oven

    Rotary drying oven provide hot flow of a mixture

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  • Burner systems / industrial burners

    Burner systems / industrial burners

    A burner system includes: 1. A gas burner or burners. 2. Control and protective fittings. 3. A controller or regulator.…

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  • Products on individual request

    Products on individual request

    Although virtually every project we have run has been more or less adapted to the Customer, several of our projects…

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