Fired heater

A tube heating furnace in technological installation lines.

Fired heaters are widespread devices, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Their construction can otherwise be described as a membrane heat exchanger powered with burner thermal energy. A heat exchanger which heats flowing medium is, in this case, an assembly of tubes with specified parameters resulting from the technological process.
The furnace is usually equipped with a radiation and convection section, which maximizes its efficiency.
Burners of a Fired heater can be powered with natural (also nitrogen rich) gas, propane-butane, refinery gas or oil.
A tube exchanger is usually a pressure device and is subject to acceptance of the notified body.

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Main features of our furnaces:
- a vertical cylindrical fired heater or box fired heater type according to the needs
- selection of the surface and material of the heat exchanger according to the needs
- combustion air fans
- excess air control
- chimney draft control
- automatic control
- high efficiency
- durable industrial construction

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