Hardening / tempering plant

Quality requirements, that structural materials have to meet, are causing needs for implementation of modern processing for each production stage. Heat treatment of the steel like heating process for quench hardening and after-quenching tempering can be performed in the furnaces which are presented in our offer.
Quenching can be realized in modern quenching tanks.

Technical data of quenching tanks:
- working volume of quenching fluid - up to 300 m3
- type of quenching fluid: water, oil, aqueous polymers
- forced coolant circuit - pomps, compact mixers
- external system of cooling bath - plate heat exchanger, fan cooling towers, cooling towers

Within a framework of complex realization of heat treatment centers offered by PiecoSerwis, there is possible to arrange different transportation system for treated materials between heating furnaces and quenching tanks.

Main advantages:
- quench hardening can be run in continuous way
- there is possible to remove scale continuously
- automatic temperature of the cooling bath control system
- adjustment of the cooling bath agitation rate
- controlling: PLC driver + PC / HMI visualisation + parameter registration (archiving)
- usage of aqueous polymers allow to set optimal conditions for cooling rate

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