Heater for rotary drying oven

Rotary drying oven provide hot flow of a mixture of air and exhaust gas. This flow is directed to a rotary drum, where are dried, for instance:

  • Clay
  • Mineral Concentrate
  • Fertilizers
  • Limestone
  • Beet
  • Mules and sludges
  • Pellets
  • Copper ore concentrate

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Technical data:
Outflow gases temperature – from 170°C to 1000°C
Inlet humidity of dried material - from 8 % to 85 %
Outlet humidity of dried material - from 0,2 % to 8,5 %
Drying capacity - up to 100 t/h
Maximal thermal power of heating system – up to 15 MW

Offered standards of implementation:
- burners with electrical ignition and flame control system
- high-class insulation materials
- control of the process by programmable logic controller PLC or regulator
- process visualization
- logging and archiving of process parameters
- tele-servis

Modern burners and automated control system effects of implementation:
- high efficiency of drying
- operation of burners and furnace without operating personnel
- automatic flame control system and electrical ignition
- low level of NOx and CO emissions
- increased level of operational safety and comfort
We also offer heaters to other types of kilns also based on gas burners.

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