Heating furnaces

This section includes furnaces for heating feedstock to the technology required temperature with construction differing from those described in other sections.

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Heating furnaces can be used for heat treatment according to a set curve or for heating material before its further mechanical treatment.
Division depending on the design and type of hearth:
- continuous furnace
- roller table furnace
- walking beam furnace
- rotary hearth furnace
- pit furnace
- multi-zone furnace
- other on request

We have references within construction of entire units in the turnkey system.
We also specialize in general and partial modernization, including, in particular:

  • burners systems (high velocity burners, recuperative, regenerative)
  • refractory insulation (brick, castable, fiber)
  • heat recovery, recuperators
  • automatic control

Our solutions combine workmanship durability, low rates of fuel consumption per kg of product and comfort of handling heating furnaces.

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