Hot-deep zinc coating furnace

Structure design and heating system design of the hot-dip zinc coating furnace are covered and protected by law as received by PTC PiecoSerwis patent rights.

Furnace + drier

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Technical data:

- size of furnace and drier: for galvanizing kettles from l = 1mb up to l = 13mb
- temperature: ca. 450 °C
- thermal power: up to 4 MW
- burners: high velocity, gas fired
- control system: PLC + PC + visualisation
- drier: heated by furnace carried away heat (different kinds of solution)

Main advantages:

- low production cost: reduced quantity of burners and simplification of furnace piping
- high stability of liquid zinc temperature
- high capacity of galvanizing (ca 15 Mg/h)
- extended durability of galvanizing kettles
- low gas consumption per Mg of ingot
- patented burner system
- an extensive reference list

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