Low-temperature devices for removing moisture from feedstock. Typical drying process takes place between 100-350°C, depending on dried material. We offer industrial ovens with continuous, chamber and reversible construction, matching a particular technological process. The source of heat in our ovens are gas burners adapted to the process of heating air.

We offer ovens for drying:
- ceramic forms
- vacuum-formed shapes
- copper concentrate
- metal elements (metal sheets, chips)
- aluminium
- flags, banners

Our dryers are characterized by:
- high drying capacity
- temperature adapted to the needs of the Ordering Party
- drying air can be free of exhaust gases
- possibility of applying an exhaust afterburner
- a programmable temperature curve
- automatic transport of feedstock
- controller PLC, operator panel HMI, archiving
- uniform and stable temperature distribution in the kiln

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