Tunnel furnace

Tunnel furnace for firing of refractories

 Range of firing temperatures:
- basic refractories: 1750 °C
- corundum refractories: 1700 °C
- high-alumina refractories: 1650 °C
- silica refractories: 1480 °C
- chamotte refractories: 1450 °C

Main advantages:
– high velocity burners, velocity of combustion gas =150 m/s
- alternate location of burners
- burners interconnected in control zones
- burners located in preheating zone
- automatic control system for temperature and pressure
- computer control of furnace operation
- register and storage of process parameters

Achieved technical and economical efficiency:
- reduced fuel consumption
- equalization of the top and bottom ingot temperature
- homogeneity of products
- reduced quantity of defective ware
- improvement of operational comfort
- continuous control of the process

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Users of PiecoSerwis' tunnel furnaces:
- KOMEX (Mittal Steel) Kraków
- VESUVIUS Skawina
- GZMO Gliwice
- ZM Ropczyce
- PCO Żarów