Portfolio Category: Ceramic industry

Chamber furnace

Bogie hearth chamber furnace Technical parameters of an industrial chamber furnace : - feed weight: up to 110 Mg (negotiable) - temperature in the chamber: 1100°C (up to 1350°C) - combustion air to the burners (recuperative burners or a central recuperator) - a programmable temperature curve - electromechanically driven hearth and gate - energy-saving insulation…
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Tunnel furnace

Tunnel furnace for firing of refractories  Range of firing temperatures: - basic refractories: 1750 °C - corundum refractories: 1700 °C - high-alumina refractories: 1650 °C - silica refractories: 1480 °C - chamotte refractories: 1450 °C Main advantages: – high velocity burners, velocity of combustion gas =150 m/s - alternate location of burners - burners interconnected…
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Burner systems / industrial burners

A burner system includes: 1. A gas burner or burners. 2. Control and protective fittings. 3. A controller or regulator. TTE PiecoSerwis Co. Ltd. offers: - conventional burners - high velocity burners - recuperative burners (also available in a block version) - regenerative burners in cooperation with ICS (www.ics.eu) PTC PiecoSerwis Sp. z o. o.…
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