Portfolio Category: Chemical/petrochemical industry

Fired heater

A tube heating furnace in technological installation lines. Fired heaters are widespread devices, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Their construction can otherwise be described as a membrane heat exchanger powered with burner thermal energy. A heat exchanger which heats flowing medium is, in this case, an assembly of tubes with specified parameters resulting…
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Burner systems / industrial burners

A burner system includes: 1. A gas burner or burners. 2. Control and protective fittings. 3. A controller or regulator. TTE PiecoSerwis Co. Ltd. offers: - conventional burners - high velocity burners - recuperative burners (also available in a block version) - regenerative burners in cooperation with ICS (www.ics.eu) PTC PiecoSerwis Sp. z o. o.…
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