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The Service and Operation Department of PiecoSerwis performs technical inspections of burner installations, start-ups of heating systems and provides technical advice.
We have diagnostic and measurement test equipment, a calibrated exhaust analyser (CO, 02, NOx), a VOC analyser, portable computers with diagnostic programs and driver software.
We have full documentation, manuals of installation and installations service under our care.
We run warehouse of spare and fast-wearing parts, thanks to which we can remove majority of faults occurring in the systems operated by us.
Our employees are knowledgeable about installation, start-ups and operation of burners working in all applications used by Eclipse Combustion.

Types of service:

1. Fixed periodic service performed according to the schedule agreed with the Customer

Scope of performed work:
- checking technical conditions of the burner as well as the fittings and accessories working with it,
- control of correct operation of the burner installation security system,
- removal of detected faults and malfunctions,
- adjustment of parameters of the burner.

* One time repairs and inspections performed on written order of the user on a date and scope agreed with the Ordering party.

2. Teleservice

We provide remote monitoring system, which lets our IT and automation specialists have insight into functioning of the system. Thanks to it, we can localize and specify emergencies, damages or verify controller operating mode or change the program. This will minimize failures and eliminate associated costs (hotels, travel, etc.). In order to implement such a solution, we need an available (periodically through a modem) telephone line. After telephone connection with “the object” we can intervene in the way expected by the Customer.

In any case, the scope, date and manner of performing technical service is agreed with the user of the heating system in order to take into account the individual needs of the Ordering Party.

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